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Why Electric Meter Technology is Here to Stay


Here’s Why Landlords Are Installing Smart Electric Meters in Their Properties

Smart electric meter technology has all but replaced outdated analogue meters in South Africa. Analogue meters are those that need to be read manually each month. Instead, new high-tech digital meters provide customers with real-time information about their electricity use. It also places the power in the consumer’s hands to know how much electricity they’re using and buying electricity even before using it. By doing so, consumers are placed at the forefront of their relationship with electricity.

There’s no need for them to be presented with one large bill at the end of the month for the electricity consumed. Instead, they can break down the costs by buying electricity throughout the month and topping it up it as the need arises. It also teaches consumers about their use of electricity and what habits consume more power than others. By doing so, consumers now have the power to adopt more energy-conscious habits.

Everyone is a winner with smart electric meters. Landlords no longer assume the risk of tenants absconding at the end of a tenancy with a high electricity bill. Tenants are in control of how much power they use. These are only a few of the many reasons why these smart electric meters are here to stay and why their popularity shows no signs of waning.

Choose Conlog as Your Preferred Smart Electric Meter Supplier

In the past, if the municipality was unable to access the electricity meter for the property so they could read it, they’d use estimated bills based on historic data. This often led to consumers ending up paying more for their electricity, or less. When the consumer would move from the property, they’d ever be faced with a big shortfall in settling electricity costs or would end up out of pocket paying more for electricity that they didn’t consumer. Smart meters prevent this from happening altogether.

Now this is no longer a problem. At Conlog, we’ve worked hard to develop cutting edge smart meter technology that has set the standard for innovative excellence around the world. Contact us to learn more about our smart meters, and how it can help add value to your property portfolio and tenants’ lives. Our team is also always at hand to answer your questions and to help you make fully informed purchase decisions.

When working with us, you can always look forward to benefitting from our cutting edge solutions. Our team is always at hand to make sure you receive the tailored solutions your buildings need to perform better. Don’t ever settle for anything other than the very best when working with the team behind Conlog and our state of the art solutions.

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