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servicesWe at Conlog believe in going over and above our typical call of duty, providing you with expert advice and recommendations on which metering solutions to go for. We are passionate about delivering innovative technology solutions to our clientele in order to promote smart and efficient energy consumption and conservation. Our solutions have helped hundreds and thousands of clients around Africa, the Middle East and South America. Our solutions and services include the following:

Conlog’s wealth of experience and knowledge is unrivalled, having a multitude of experience in the energy and prepayment industry. We extend this knowledge to our customers through our range of professional services:

The professional services comprises of three core components, all of which are focussed on ensuring the success of our customers’ solutions:

  • POWERsupport: Service and support desk (First level support)
  • POWERservice: Data integration, Data Migration, Software configuration, Hardware configuration, DRP services, Report services, Training, infrastructure design and maintenance (Second level support)
  • POWERconsult: Consulting services (Third level support)


Service Desk

Our qualified service personnel are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year with first-line technical support. Accessible through telephone, internet and email, the service desk is also the hub for critical support deployment. Some key functionality includes technical support for meter hardware, registration of customers and accounts and the generation of engineering tokens

Data migration

An important aspect of implementing a prepayment project is ensuring that your customer data is accurate. In addition, it is important that there is minimal disruption and inconvenience to your consumers during the installation of a new prepayment system. Data migration is the process transferring a customer’s existing database into Conlog’s system. This data can then be used to model and build a baseline for the Conlog system, however also proves useful for historical reporting and audit purposes.

Data integration

One of the key features of the Conlog vending system is the ability for consumers to pay post paid accounts, for example, rates and taxes, levies etc. This involves both the Conlog vending system and the Utility billing system through a process of data integration. Specific data from the billing system is imported into the vending system and ultimately enables customers to enjoy the convenience of pre-paid and post-paid purchases through a single pay point.

Project execution and support

Highly skilled and experienced IT professionals focus on the installation, commissioning and upgrading of prepayment systems around the world. Through their vast knowledge of prepayment systems and configurations, they are able to tailor the solution to your specific requirements and needs.  In addition, maintenance and support of the system is provided by our proficient service technicians.


A key success factor for the successful implementation of a project is the transfer of skills to the customer. Complementing the full suite of products is our dedicated training facility.  Customers can enjoy the convenience of comprehensive training, either at Conlog’s training facility or on site at the relevant project.

Report services

A key measure of a vending system is the associated reporting service. Access to quality reports is crucial to Utilities, who use the information presented to make fundamental decisions. Conlog’s web based reporting service is highly customizable, easily accessible and easy to interpret offering customers a range of reports based on their specific requirements.

Infrastructure design and maintenance

The infrastructure team brings an unrivalled depth of experience in database administration, IT systems as well as prepayment system solutions. This team is responsible for the design and maintenance of Conlog’s hosted systems, along with specialist customer solutions, and have the responsibility to ensure the associated business continuity and accessibility for such products. In addition, the infrastructure division provides additional consulting and IT services, such as the design of infrastructure projects, guidance on hardware solutions to ensure customers utilise the best available techniques and products in their prepayment projects.

Disaster recovery planning  

Life is unpredictable and even the most well equipped organization can fall victim to disasters either natural or manmade. When this occurs, data safety and security is of the utmost importance. Data loss to a Utility can be potentially crippling and must be avoided at all costs.  Conlog utilises state of the art technology to implement tailor made disaster recover solutions.

Consulting services

Conlog’s experience in the prepayment and energy industry allows us to provide expert consultancy services. Some of the projects we consult on include business intelligence, workflow, data analytics as well as advanced metering infrastructure systems.  The Conlog professional team will be deployed onsite to provide an analysis of requirements and an in-depth scoping in order to provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Value Added Services

  • 24/7 support service with various service level agreements and contracts for on and off site technical support.
  • Training that can take place on and off site with various certification levels.
  • Unrivaled experience in prepayment.
  • Extensive implementation knowledge.


We understand that establishing a new prepayment installation can be daunting, especially when you put into perspective all the variables that you need to consider, such as finding the right products to meet your specific needs, training, sustainability of the solutions and all the costs and variables that will be involved. Additional to all the products that you can purchase from us, you can also consult with our team in the case that you need more in depth assistance to choose the right metering solution for you. We are also able to train your team to be self-sufficient in managing the newly installed systems.


Conlog’s wealth of experience in the prepaid industry has carried through in the development of our Revenue Management Systems. The systems have evolved over the years incorporating both feature enhancements based on market needs, as well including customer requests from which all our customers could benefit.

Conlog has recently debuted its latest Revenue Management System, UltimaPlus which is a web-based revenue management solution that follows on from its predecessor Ultima. The reliability and flexibility of Ultima has been carried through to UltimaPlus, however there is a host of new features and functionality through the use of leading technology platforms that will see the vending of prepaid electricity to customers done more efficiently, whilst reducing costs.

Our systems are also designed around revenue protection.  The systems can easily be configured to support our customer prepaid tariffs, charges as well as collect arrears amounts. The system can also be used to collect post-paid accounts or any other accounts, thus ensuring that a utility is able to collect the maximum amount of money that is owed by consumers.

Furthermore, our systems are easily integrated into 3rd party systems, thereby extending the vending footprint via available 3rd party channels and also improving management by integrating to the backend ERP systems.

Conlog has redefined the concept of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and with that surpassed what the industry thought was possible, with both the hardware metering solutions and the AMI web enabled management solution, POWERnova.

AMI is an infrastructure for two-way communication between the meter and a Utility. The objective of an AMI system is to provide Utilities with real-time data about energy consumption and allow them to remotely manage their metering devices. It also allows consumers to make informed choices about their energy usage.

The concept of an AMI system comprises various products each unique in its functionality. Conlog’s AMI system is exceptional in that it caters for current utility requirements, however has ac­commodated for extensive upgrades as technology advances.

Conlog’s diverse experience in the industry has paved the way for the many Business Enabled Solutions on offer today. From hosting services, POWERCloud, Conlog’s SaaS offer, we are able to offer complete end to end cloud based solutions to our customers.

Big data management has been added to our ever increasing portfolio, and POWERinformatics, which is our Smart Data Analytics solution, will help Utilities understand their data and make full use of Business Intelligence Tools available today, Conlog is able to offer Utilities a means of analyzing not only Conlog available data, but by integrating with other available systems such as ERP systems, Prepaid Systems, spreadsheets and other available data sources.

POWERTask and POWERInventory form part of the workflow and asset management offer, which is designed to ensure our customers are able manage their prepayment sites as efficiently as possible.

Most of Conlog’s current solutions are provided in our cloud based offer. We do however provide for on-site installations if preferred. To this end we able to offer our POWERClient and POWERAppliance range of hardware which can be customized per client solution.

Establishing a new prepayment installation can be a daunting task when one considers the many variables that need to be addressed, such as the technical solution; finding the right products to meet your business needs, both today and in the future; the establishment of new business processes and personnel; and, most importantly, the associated costs and investments.

Conlog is a world leader in the prepayment industry, pioneering innovative solutions and products since the late 1980s. This wealth of experience and knowledge is unrivalled, with the company having hundreds of years of collective experience in prepayment.

This depth of knowledge, along with the critical on-the-ground experience, provides Conlog with the ability to guide, counsel and mentor customers in the right prepayment solution for their needs, both today and tomorrow.

In addition to consulting, Conlog undertakes the system design which comprises future-proofing your site. Given the investment required in a new site, it is important that the system is scalable and able to integrate with new technologies and products.

Conlog is able to provide the necessary support in terms of installation, commissioning, procedures and processes to ensure the protection of our Customer’s site.

Further, combined with our training offer, Conlog is able to empower our Customer’s personnel to become self-sufficient in the management of the solution, which includes best practices as experienced around the world.