How Prepaid Electricity Meters Make South Africans’ Lives Easier

How Prepaid Electricity Meters Can Make South Africans’ Lives Easier

prepaid electricity meters

State of the art prepaid electricity meters have the ability to benefit both tenants and a landlord of a property, as well as the property management firm that manages the property in the landlord’s stead. There is an increasing national drive to fit more and more South African properties with prepaid electricity, and to educate South Africans from all walks of life with the great advantages that these meters offer.


What are some of the many incredible benefits that prepaid electricity meters offer? To start with, it ensures that tenants are paying for thee electricity as they are consuming it. This helps to avoid any nasty surprises of the landlord being confronted by a huge bill once the lease expires. It also helps to prevent any disputes regarding the amount of electricity that has been consumed.


How Prepaid Electricity Meters Complement Tenants’ Lives


Prepaid electricity meters assist tenants in monitoring their electricity consumption, by checking the easy to read monitor and adjusting their consumption accordingly. What’s more, with many municipalities facing the prospect of having their electricity supply discontinued by Eskom due to non-payment of fees, homes connected to the grid via prepaid meters can buy their own electricity from third party vendors, thereby avoiding having to deal with the municipality as an intermediary.


As the world’s leader in prepaid solutions, we offer cutting edge smart metering solutions to help meet the needs of utilities, property management firms and municipalities throughout South Africa, as well as the Middle East and South America. Our smart meters assist with utility management, revenue project management and load management, among other aspects.


Households across the world use our prepaid meters in their homes, making use the largest base of around 10 million units installed. 10 million people can’t be wrong, surely? So let us help you achieve greater utilities management with our cutting edge and state of the art prepaid electricity meter use, starting today.





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