How Prepaid Electricity Meters Make Life Easier

How Prepaid Electricity Meters Make Life Easier

prepaid electricity meters

The benefits of prepaid electricity meters

Modern prepaid electricity meters offer benefits to both tenants and landlords and property managers. There is a major drive by Eskom throughout South Africa, to get more properties and households fitted with prepaid meters, and to educate consumers on the great advantages that these meters offer.

Let’s start by taking a look at how these meters can make the lives of property managers and landlords easier. Firstly, it helps to ensure that tenants are paying for their electricity before consuming it, avoiding the nasty surprise of the landlord being confronted by a huge bill at the maturation the lease. It also helps to easily resolve any disputes on the amount of electricity consumed.

How Prepaid Electricity Meters Make The Lives of Tenants Easier

With regards to tenants, prepaid electricity meters help them to monitor their electricity consumption, by checking the easy to read monitor and adjusting their consumption as required. They are also able to budget in advance, so that there is never an instance where consumers are surprised by a large electricity bill at the end of the month. What’s more, tenants can also be assured that they are paying for the correct amount of electricity they are consuming.

Conlog is the world’s leader in prepaid solutions. Our cutting edge smart metering solutions leads the world in providing an answer to metering requirements to utilities, municipalities and property management companies throughout South Africa, South America and the Middle East. What’s more, our smart meters help with utility management, revenue projection, demand management and load management, to name a few.

We are proud of our long history of excellent service, and have sold our solutions to more than 70 utilities who are now reaping the benefits of our state of the art revenue management solutions. Household throughout the world have a Conlog prepaid electricity metre installed, which makes us the largest installed base of totalling into the millions. Contact us to learn more about the great benefits of our cutting edge solutions.

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