Why Investing in Prepaid Electricity Meters Is the Trend for 2017

Why Investing in Prepaid Electricity Meters Is the Big Thing for 2017

prepaid electricity meters

Prepaid Electricity Meters Are the Big Thing in 2017

There has been a noticeable shift regarding consumer spending habits and consumption with regards to electricity in South Africa, over the past decade. More and more homeowners and property developers are investing in prepaid electricity meters for their properties, and with good reason. There are many reasons for this shift, and we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why prepaid electricity meters have become the big thing for 2017.

To start off with, buying tokens is as easy for the tenant or homeowner as can be. Purchasing electricity is as easy as sending an SMS, or pressing a few buttons to recharge your electricity, even if it is in the dead of night. There is no need for the consumer to plan ahead, so it’s no wonder that prepaid electricity meters have gained such widespread renown and popularity in South Africa.

Another unmistakable reason behind the incredible popularity of prepaid electricity meters is the fact that tenants and homeowners can now keep an eye on their electricity consumption. These meters make it easy to track how much electricity is being used on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It spurs on users’ awareness of one’s own usage, and how the user can become more electricity-efficient.

Put The Power in Your Hands with Quality Prepaid Electricity Meters

Unlike with a traditional debit order system, the consumer is the one deciding how much money to spend on the next month’s electricity usage, and remains in control of the situation. There is no large, once-off payment that needs to be made. Instead, with incremental pay-as-you-use usage, the consumer is always in the driver’s seat in deciding how much money to spend on electricity.

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