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Is All The Hype Over Smart Meters Justified?

Smart meters

Why Should Landlords Care About Smart Meters?

Smart meters are devices that analyses and logs electricity usage and power quality characteristics in domestic and commercial premises. More and more landlords and municipalities are replacing outdated electromechanical conventional meters, which are prone to high rates of inaccurate consumption readings, these meters also need to be read manually each month, Smart meters are digital state of the art instruments that provide accurate remote readings and data.

Smart meters capture information about electricity usage patterns automatically, then transmits it back to the municipality. Why are so many property owners and municipalities raving about smart meters? Aside from providing accurate and quick measurements of electricity consumption, these meters also eliminate the need for estimated monthly bills, or sending agents out to homes to manually read the meter.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons behind the incredible success of smart meter technology. Let’s take a look at some of the other fantastic benefits this cutting edge technology offers consumers specifically.

Smart Meters Make It Possible to See How Much Energy Is Consumed in Real Time

In the past, consumers had no control over the amount of electricity they consumed. They couldn’t see in real time the impact that boiling a kettle, or leaving the geyser on had on their electricity consumption. Smart meters have changed all of this.

Now, consumers can see how many units of electricity their households consume each day. It puts them in the driver’s seat as to how much electricity they use, and which saving efforts actually work.

No More Estimated Bills

In the past, if the municipality was unable to access the electricity meter for the property so they could read it, they’d use estimated bills based on historic data. This often led to consumers ending up paying more for their electricity, or less.

When the consumer decided to sell the property, they’d never be faced with a big surprise in settling the final electricity cost, estimate billing also means a consumer could end up paying more for electricity that they consumed. Smart meters prevent this from happening altogether.

At Conlog, we’ve worked hard to develop cutting edge smart meter technology that has set the standard for innovative excellence around the world for over 50 years. Contact us to learn more about our smart meters, and how it can help add value to your property portfolio and tenants’ lives.

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