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Here’s Why South Africans Are Adopting Smart Meter Technology

Smart meters

How Smart Meters Are Contributing to Smarter Energy Consumption

Across South Africa, the electricity sector is in the midst of rolling out smart meters across residential, commercial and industrial properties. This means that rather than merely recording electricity use for later fact checking, smart meters now produce real time and detailed consumption data, delivering the power into the hands of the consumer. Gone are the days where municipal workers had to manually head to properties and read electric meters by hand.

It’s a welcome advancement for consumers across South Africa, who often had to fight with their municipalities because of incorrect or inaccurate readings. What’s more, whenever the municipality couldn’t gain access to the property to read the meter, they would use an average to calculate the amount owed based on historic data, which left a lot of room for miscalculations and inaccuracies.

Why Smart Meters Make Sense

Right now, consumers can instead see how much electricity they’re using in real time. This can help inform their usage and habits based on which tasks consume the most electricity. What’s more, as the smart meters require a prepayment before electricity can be consumed, consumers won’t end up with a hefty power utility bill at the end of the month.

Instead, they can pay for the electricity as they use it, and always be sure to stay in control of the costs of their electricity usage. These are only a few of the obvious ways in which smart meters are changing the way South Africans consume and engage with electricity. With better access to their own data, consumers are empowered to make better decisions, which inevitably leads them to saving more money on their electricity usage.

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