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Harness the Power of Smart Meter Technology in Your Buildings

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Don’t Get Left Behind – Here’s Why You Need Smart Meters in Your Buildings

If you are looking for a way to both boost tenant satisfaction and protect yourself, then look no further than smart meter technology. In the past, tenants had to put the water and lights of a building in their name when taking occupation. This left the possibility of tenants absconding at the end of their lease periods, leaving behind a large amount of outstanding fees for electricity use.

Now, with smart meter technology, tenants are charged with using prepaid electricity. This eliminates the possibility of tenants being overwhelmed by a large electricity bill at the end of the month, as they need to buy electricity as they consume it. It also removes the possibility of the landlord being left behind to foot a large bill at the end of the tenancy.

This is a great solution to both the tenant and the landlord. Tenants are now in charge of the amount of electricity they consume and spend, and landlords don’t need to fret about having their properties’ rates transferred to the tenant. These are only a few of the ways in which smart meters can help you take your building’s management to the next level.

Enjoy the Great Benefits That Smart Meter Technology Has to Offer

Many property owners and real estate professionals are harnessing the power of smart meters in their property portfolios. At Conlog, we’ve worked with municipalities and governments throughout the world to deliver the state of the art smart meter technologies they need to take their portfolios to the next level. We can do the same for you. Our footprint extends not only to municipalities and businesses throughout South Africa, but also across South America, The Middle East and the rest of the African continent.

Even though we specialise in smart meter technology, we also extend our focus to smart city solutions and big data analytics. We do this as we continue to work with local governments across the world to deliver the very best solutions to meet their growing demands. At present, more than 70 utilities have invested in our technologies and solutions, all of who are now reaping the advantages of state of the art revenue management solutions.

When working with us, there is no reason to accept anything other than the best smart meter solutions available on the market. Get more from your investments, and make them work harder for you with access to the latest smart meter solutions. Our team is always at hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our technologies. Contact us to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you benefit from this incredible technology.

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