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Does switching off your geyser save you money?


Many people have been told that turning your geyser off when it is not in use will help save electricity but is this true? The short answer: no. Though turning your geyser off when it is not in use won’t save you power, there are certain ways that you can use your geyser to save you electricity.

Should I switch it off?

The choice is yours, but it won’t make a difference whether you leave it on all the time, or you continuously switch it on and off. Your geyser heats up to a certain temperature, by use of an element, and stays at this constant temperature throughout the day – if it is not switched off. The geyser element will not work as hard once it has reached temperature. If you turn the geyser on and off daily, it will be using just as much power trying to get to temperature as it would if it were on the whole day at a constant temperature. The only time that it would be a good idea to switch your geyser off is if you were going away on a lengthy holiday with nobody at home to use the geyser. 

How to use the geyser to save electricity?

You may not be able to switch the geyser off to save energy, but there are other tips and tricks to use that will help you conserve power. Firstly, turn down the temperature on your geyser. Geysers are usually set to 70°, but 60° will suffice for a reasonably steamy shower, and it will save you power because your geyser will use less energy trying to reach temperature. You should also only use hot water when necessary and take short showers and run less bathwater, to save you power.

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