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Conlog and Tshimologong Precinct partner to launch blockchain incubation programme


The ‘Big’ transformation picture

“Accelerate the development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence of beneficiary enterprises in
the technology innovation area…”

The innovation challenge

“How might we use blockchain in a smart connected environment to connect customers to resources?”

One way to establish smarter systems of consumption is through the tokenization and trade of energy. Introducing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments to the energy sector allows for rates to be adjusted according to supply and demand signals in the market rather than a third-party enforcer. Through tokenisation, consumers and users can track their energy usage and can receive notifications when energy is not being used efficiently.

Individuals are promoted to save energy by receiving tokens after displaying desirable behaviour, this can incentivise consumers to be conscious of energy consumption and promote low energy usage. Token holders can use the energy for their own energy consumption or sell it to someone else. Under current conditions in the sector, energy companies do not honour users for their loyalty for saving energy.

We have launched a program with Tshimologong Precinct whereby 9 finalist, who are young entrepreneurs have been selected and taken through the program. Working along side Tshimologong Precinct is a conduit for the purposes of performing and accomplishing enterprise development in relation to beneficiary enterprises on behalf of Conlog.

Assumptions we can make from a utility customer:

  1. How do I use blockchain to enable secure currency vending and smart data exchange?!
  2. What suitable / disruptive communications medium could be used for this application (GSM, IoT)!
  3. Define the metering functionality for a smart connected cloud solution that delights the customer.

Metrics of success

  1. Present the transfer of basic credit into the meter and pull consumption patterns off the meter using blockchain technology!
  2. Demonstrate a theoretical analysis of various communication technologies (GSM, SigFox, Lora, NBIOT) & recommended
    technology to be demonstrated with number 3 (assumption above)!
  3. We have a meter that takes functionality and stick it in the cloud and keep only necessary functionality in the device based on the limitation of the chosen technology selected in 2 above.

Conlog Pitch Day: Agenda 25 July 2019

12:00 – 12:01 Programme Director – Tshimologong
12:02 – 12:07 Opening and Welcome, short intro to Conlog –Logan Moodley (Conlog)
12:08 – 12:13 About the programme – Lance Hawkins-Dady (Conlog)
12:14 – 12: 16 The Entrepreneurs and the Technology – Marcel Kapp (MashLab)
12:17 – 12:19 Journey with the Entrepreneurs – Nazareen Ebrahim
12:20 – 12:35 Presentation – Entrepreneurs/Participants
12:36 – 12: 56 QnA – Everybody
12:57 – 13:00 Where to for the participants – Sibusiso Skosana/Ahmed Ashruf (Conlog)
13:01 – 13:03 Closing remarks – Lesley Donna Williams (Tshimologong)

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information on the day! We wish each finalist good luck! Read the full article here on Business Report.

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