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Learn How Smart Meter Technology Helps Upgrade Your Utility Solutions

10:44 am
Utility solutions

Benefit from Cutting Edge Utility Solutions in Your Property Management

Smart electricity meters have revolutionised utility solutions across the globe. These smart meters track and record electricity use in customers’ homes. It takes the onus off of the landlord to carry over the electricity to the tenant’s name, and in so doing removes the risk of the tenant absconding at the end of the lease period with a huge amount of money owed to the municipality for electricity use. These updated utility solutions also deliver real time and accurate measurements of electricity use, helping consumers to adjust […]

Why Should You Choose Conlog Prepaid Meters for Your Buildings?

10:42 am
Conlog prepaid meters

Benefit from Conlog Prepaid Meter Technology

As a world leader in prepaid electricity meters, we help utilities, municipalities and property management companies to get the most out of their real estate investment and communities. Conlog prepaid meters are able to assist with revenue protection, utility management, load and demand management. Let us help you take your property management to the next level with our state of the art solutions.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence, more than 10 million homes today have Conlog prepaid meters installed today. Our history dates back to the mid 1960s, and today, we […]

Are There Any Real Benefits to Smart Metering Technology?

2:10 pm
Smart metering

Here Are Only a Few Reasons Why Smart Landlords Are Installing Smart Metering Technologies

More and more landlords from across the economic spectrum are investing in state of he art smart metering technologies for their premises. There are many reasons for this. In fact, one doesn’t need to think hard to come up with a list of reasons why it pays to invest in smart meters. There are so many ways in which both the landlord and the tenant benefits with this technology.

For one, consumers can be informed in real time of their energy consumption, and […]

Here’s Why South Africans Are Adopting Smart Meter Technology

2:05 pm
Smart meters

How Smart Meters Are Contributing to Smarter Energy Consumption

Across South Africa, the electricity sector is in the midst of rolling out smart meters across residential, commercial and industrial properties. This means that rather than merely recording electricity use for later fact checking, smart meters now produce real time and detailed consumption data, delivering the power into the hands of the consumer. Gone are the days where municipal workers had to manually head to properties and read electric meters by hand.

It’s a welcome advancement for consumers across South Africa, who often had to fight with their […]

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