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Benefit from State of the Art Utility Solutions from Conlog

9:27 am
Utility solutions

Here’s How Your Household Can Benefit from Cutting edge Utility Solutions

There is a greater demand from consumers to exert greater control over the amount of electricity they consume. Aside from that, people also want to know what their energy is being used on. They want to monitor use in real time, and be able to determine whether it’s the kettle or the geyser consuming a lot of electricity.

By doing so, they are in a position to make an informed decision regarding their energy use. With utility solutions from Conlog, both the consumer and electricity […]

Make Empowered Decisions with Conlog Prepaid Meter Technology

9:26 am
Conlog prepaid meters

Learn More About the Way You Interact with Electricity with Conlog Prepaid Meters

More and more South Africans are demanding to have greater control of the way they spend and interact with their electricity. Our Conlog prepaid meters offer them this control, by allowing them to view in real time the amount of electricity being consumed in their household. This also allows consumers to become more energy savvy, and realise which appliances are consuming the most electricity in their homes.

By doing so, consumers are put in charge of the amount of electricity they consume. Our Conlog prepaid […]

What Are the Benefits Behind Deploying Prepaid Electricity at Residential Buildings?

12:06 pm
Prepaid electricity

Here’s Why More and More Landlords Are Installing Prepaid Electricity Metering Solutions at Their Properties

Prepaid electricity has forever changed the way people interact with electricity. Consumers have a far greater sense of their electricity consumption. It’s now within their hands to see how much power is consumed on a daily basis, combined with control over electrical energy consumption costs.

This never used to be the case. People were unaware of how much it cost to switch on the geyser for an hour or when boiling water in a kettle. With the implementation of a prepayment […]

Give Your Tenants the Power with Prepayment Electricity Metering.

12:05 pm
Electricity metering

Make It Easy for Tenants to Save on Electricity Usage.

Prepaid electricity metering has changed the way consumers interact with electricity utilities. In the past, tenants needed to pay a deposit to municipalities to have the electricity supply of a property registered to their names. Thanks to prepaid electricity metering, this is no longer the case.

it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. The landlord is protected from tenants absconding with vast amounts of monies owed and tenants have the power to restrict energy spend. The end user is now in control of the amount of […]

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