Why It Makes Sense to Buy the Best Prepaid Electricity Meters Available

11:56 am
Why It Makes Sense to Buy the Best Prepaid Electricity Meters Available

Get More from the Best Prepaid Electricity Meters On Offer

More and more property owners, tenants and property managers are investing in the best prepaid electricity meters available on the market today, for many obvious reasons. There are so many benefits to deploying electric meter technology in modern buildings, both for the tenant and the landlord. To start with, the tenant can take better control of their electricity consumption. In the past, the end user had no chance of monitoring their electricity use in real time.

Today, thanks to the best prepaid electricity meters available, users can monitor […]

Work with the Best Electric Meter Manufacturers Available

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Work with the Best Electric Meter Manufacturers Available

Get More from Your Electric Meter Manufacturers by Working with the Best

Electric meter technology has changed the way landlords and property management companies approach utilities management forever. Just about every new property being constructed today in South Africa are being fitted with prepaid electric meters. With such a high demand for electricity meters, it’s only natural that a lot of electric meter manufacturers would want to enter the fray and compete in the economy.

With a lot of choice, however, comes more responsibility from your side to choose the best electric meter manufacturers available so that […]

Get More Done with Advanced Utility Solutions for Your Properties

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Utility Solutions

Take Your Utility Management to the Next Level with Cutting Edge Utility Solutions

Prepaid electricity meters have been a welcome addition to modernising utility solutions and management. This is because it removes the onus off the landlord or rental agent to ensure that tenants remain up to date with their electricity bills. The responsibility is placed on the tenant to buy and pay for electricity prior to consuming it. This is an important aspect of utility management.

In the past, landlords ran the risk of being footed with the bill if tenants absconded from the property without settling […]

Why You Should Care About 3 Phase Prepaid Electricity Meters

10:51 am

How 3 Phase Prepaid Electricity Meter Technology Will Benefit Your Properties

South African buildings are normally circulated using either single phase or 3 phase prepaid electricity meters. The three-phase electricity is connected at either 415 or 400 volts, using three active phases, and one neutral one. There are many reasons behind the great popularity of the three-phase electricity prepaid meter. For one, the powered that is delivered to the property is done so in a constant and consistent manner, as opposed to a single-phase circuit which delivers power in a pulsating way.

Compared to a […]

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