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Blog | Smart Metering Solutions South Africa | Conlog

Benefit from Prepaid Meter Technology

2:42 pm
Prepaid meters

Harness the Power of Prepaid Meters in Your Buildings

Both tenants and landlords are set to benefit from constant advancement in the prepaid meter sector that is sweeping through South Africa, and revolutionising the way municipalities are supplying electricity. With more and more reports of the dire state of municipalities’ debt books across the country, there’s never been a better time to deploy prepaid electricity technology across the country.

With prepaid meters, municipalities are protected against tenants or property owners absconding with large amounts of monies owed. The same is true for landlords who let out their […]

Prepaid Electricity Meters Benefit All Parties in the Property Sector

6:24 am
Prepaid electricity meters

Learn Why Prepaid Electricity Meter Technology Is a Game Changer

More and more property managers and owners from all sectors of the economy are choosing to invest in state of the art prepaid electricity meters for their properties. This is the case for a variety of reasons. To start with, it eliminates the burden of risk from property owners that tenants will abscond and leave behind a massive electricity bill.

Instead, this technology leaves the onus on the tenant to take care of and keep up to date their electricity bill and costs. It also makes it easier […]

Benefit from Cutting Edge Smart Meter Technology Across Your Buildings

6:22 am

Here’s Why Smart Meters Are Here to Stay, and Why You Should Care

The importance of smart meters can’t be denied anymore. With the traditional electricity meters in homes today, it’s far easier than necessary for consumers to use more electricity than needed. Smart meters, however, make it easier for tenants to determine precisely how much electricity they’re using, as well as when they’re consuming it.

Its cumulative features ultimately contribute to helping consumers save money on their energy bills. Many buildings and tenants still only receive estimated bills of energy consumption after […]

Benefit from State of the Art Utility Solutions from Conlog

9:27 am
Utility solutions

Here’s How Your Household Can Benefit from Cutting edge Utility Solutions

There is a greater demand from consumers to exert greater control over the amount of electricity they consume. Aside from that, people also want to know what their energy is being used on. They want to monitor use in real time, and be able to determine whether it’s the kettle or the geyser consuming a lot of electricity.

By doing so, they are in a position to make an informed decision regarding their energy use. With utility solutions from Conlog, both the consumer and electricity […]

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