What You Should Know About Smart Meter Technology

7:39 am
Smart meters

Here’s Why You Need Smart Meters in Your Buildings

Smart meter technology continues to grow in popularity throughout South Africa, and the rest of the continent. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps one of the most obvious is the fact that more information is becoming available about this system, allowing people to gain a better grasp of the benefits that smart meters offer them.

Smart meters also support numerous elements of electricity distribution management. The traditional smart meter system features a smart meter at the end-user’s property, and comes with a load switch […]

Why Should You Care About Prepaid Electricity Meters?

7:39 am
Prepaid electricity meters

Here Is How South Africans Are Benefitting from Prepaid Electricity Meters

When you think about it, who wants to pay the municipal deposit amount to transfer a property’s electricity to their name? It’s old school, and many new tenants and property owners prefer prepaid electricity. In fact, prepaid electricity meters are a useful tool for helping to manage electricity costs.

As prepaid electricity meters’ name suggests, it’s a handy tool to help you keep on top of your energy usage. You need to pay for your energy in advance, making it easier to avoid building […]

Conlog Prepaid Meters Can Add Tangible Value to Your Properties

1:38 pm
Smart meters

Look Forward to Adding Value to Your Properties with Cutting Edge Conlog Prepaid Meters

Quality prepaid electricity meters can be a useful tool for helping your tenants manage their energy costs. As its name suggests, Conlog prepaid meters require users to pay for their electricity in advance. With a prepaid meter, it’s easier than ever to avoid building up debt for electricity use. Users are also fully aware of the amount of energy being consumed, and can ration energy use as and when required.

There are other ways in which Conlog prepaid meters can add value to […]

3 Smart Ways Small to Medium Businesses Can Use Big Data Analytics

12:18 pm
big data analytics

Here’s How Your Business Can Use Big Data Analytics To Its Benefit

Big data analytics refers to large sets of data, analysed and made available for use through numerous algorithms. It helps companies make decisions, and also pick up and stay on top of trends. Big data doesn’t only exist in multinational corporations and companies. It also exists in small to medium enterprises, and can also be harnessed to provide them with the insights needed to make fully informed business decisions.

Companies have big data streaming in at every second of the day, and big data […]