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Blog | Smart Metering Solutions South Africa | Conlog

Here’s How Conlog Prepaid Meters Will Help Your Buildings Perform Better

8:15 am
Conlog prepaid meters

Boost Tenant Satisfaction and Retention Rates with Conlog Prepaid Meters

More and more tenants expect there to be prepaid electricity in the properties they move into. It’s no longer like in the past, where new tenants had to transfer the water, electricity and rates for a property to their names. This would require an additional deposit from the tenants in order to secure this from the municipality.

Thanks to the invention and widespread of use Conlog prepaid meters and similar products, this is no longer a problem. Instead, tenants can look forward to merely moving into the […]

Here’s Why Smart Meter Technology Is Here to Stay in South Africa

7:32 am
Smart meters

Learn Why South Africans Are Embracing Smart Meters in Their Homes

State of the art smart meters continue to revolutionise the way utility companies, landlords and tenants deal with electricity distribution and consumption. These meters have made it easier than ever for consumers to learn how their behaviour impacts their energy use, and have made it easier for them to adjust their lifestyles to maximise energy efficiency. These are only a few of the many reasons why South Africans from all walks of life have come to foster an appreciation of this meter technology.

Using smart meters thus […]

Achieve Greater Control Over Energy Consumption with Prepaid Electricity Meters

7:27 am
Prepaid electricity meters

Use Prepaid Meters to Modernise Your Portfolio of Properties

Purchasing prepaid electricity has become as easy for consumers as picking up their cell phones, or purchasing it at the checkout line in the supermarket. More and more tenants and potential homeowners are looking to properties to have prepaid electricity meters already installed. For some, it can very well be a deal breaker. Following this logic, it makes sense to view these prepaid meters as a vehicle to add value to a property.

In other words, when you invest in prepaid electricity meters, you directly invest in your property […]

Learn How Smart Meter Technology Helps Upgrade Your Utility Solutions

10:44 am
Utility solutions

Benefit from Cutting Edge Utility Solutions in Your Property Management

Smart electricity meters have revolutionised utility solutions across the globe. These smart meters track and record electricity use in customers’ homes. It takes the onus off of the landlord to carry over the electricity to the tenant’s name, and in so doing removes the risk of the tenant absconding at the end of the lease period with a huge amount of money owed to the municipality for electricity use. These updated utility solutions also deliver real time and accurate measurements of electricity use, helping consumers to adjust […]

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