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Blog | Smart Metering Solutions South Africa | Conlog

How Can Manufacturers of Prepaid Electricity Meters Change Consumers’ Consumption of Electricity?

9:05 am

Manufacturers of Prepaid Electricity Meters Help Consumers Use Electricity More Wisely

Buying prepaid electricity has become as easy as taking your phone out and pressing a few buttons. Consumers buy it at their grocery stores while shopping or top up their prepaid electricity meters through their internet banking. Manufacturers of prepaid electricity meters have thankfully put an end to property owners and tenants receiving a monthly bill that needs to be settled at one time. Instead, consumers are placed in the driver’s seat of how much electricity they buy, how they monitor it and how they use […]

How Electricity Meter Technology is Helping South Africans Become Wiser Consumers

8:54 am

Why Electricity Meters Are the Future

It’s not difficult to come up with a host of reasons as to why electricity meters continue to enjoy such expansive growth in South Africa. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you will benefit from employing this technology in your daily life. These meters track and record the use of electricity in the home. It’s the much-celebrated replacement of outdated analogue meters that are manually read once a month by a utility provider. If the provider’s agent is unable to gain access to the meter, they […]

How Landlord Prepayment Electric Meters Are Changing the Game

8:52 am

Landlord Prepayment Electric Meters Are Delivering Value

Landlords, developers, managing agents and body corporates are all being faced with an increase in exposure to utilities, including water and electricity. Utility suppliers, such as Eskom or municipalities all demand payment that is based on usage. However, tenants can often dispute the amounts they’re charged and simply refuse to settle their electricity accounts. This results in big headaches for landlords and management companies. However, landlord prepayment electric meters make it easier for landlords to control this exposure and in many instances, limit it all together.

One of the many […]

Why Electric Meter Technology is Here to Stay

1:19 pm

Here’s Why Landlords Are Installing Smart Electric Meters in Their Properties

Smart electric meter technology has all but replaced outdated analogue meters in South Africa. Analogue meters are those that need to be read manually each month. Instead, new high-tech digital meters provide customers with real-time information about their electricity use. It also places the power in the consumer’s hands to know how much electricity they’re using and buying electricity even before using it. By doing so, consumers are placed at the forefront of their relationship with electricity.

There’s no need for […]

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