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Blog | Smart Metering Solutions South Africa | Conlog

4 Easy Way to Save Prepaid Electricity and Money

12:46 pm

Having a prepaid meter doesn’t change the fact that certain household items use a lot of electricity. If you don’t watch your electricity usage, you might end up always having to top up your prepaid meter and spending a lot more money. If you want to keep to your monthly limit, read the following tips on how to save on prepaid electricity:

1.Use cold instead of hot water for laundry
Coldwater washes use much less electrical power than warm water washes. As it turns out, cold water is also much healthier for the longevity of your clothing […]


11:12 am

Conlog stands against any form of Xenophobia and Gender-based Violence.

– 06 September 2019

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a wave of public outrage on 2 issues in our country; ‘Gender-based Violence’ and ‘Xenophobia’.

Conlog stands against any form of xenophobia, violence and damage to property. We vehemently distance ourselves from the darkness that has overcome some of our citizens who attack our brothers and sisters who have come from afar to add to the vibrancy of our Rainbow nation.

We stand side by side with those who wish to raise awareness of the […]

Conlog and Tshimologong Precinct partner to launch blockchain incubation programme

1:06 pm

The ‘Big’ transformation picture

“Accelerate the development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence of beneficiary enterprises in
the technology innovation area…”

The innovation challenge

“How might we use blockchain in a smart connected environment to connect customers to resources?”

One way to establish smarter systems of consumption is through the tokenization and trade of energy. Introducing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments to the energy sector allows for rates to be adjusted according to supply and demand signals in the market rather than a third-party enforcer. Through tokenisation, consumers and users […]

Nelson Mandela Day Project

8:42 am

In April 2019, Durban was hit by a storm wreaked havoc onto the surrounding communities, ultimately demolishing the properties and homes of many of its locals. Numerous walked away with countless injuries, while others were unfortunately not that lucky.

One of the many people severely traumatized from the horrific accident was Gogo Ninela – who’s home was on the verge of annihilation. Gogo’s home in Bhekulwandle was a two 1-room structure being shared by nine family members. To her devastation; once the storm had passed she was left with only 1 room remaining – which all nine members had […]

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