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Blog | Smart Metering Solutions South Africa | Conlog

What Are The Reasons Behind Smart Meters Popularity?

8:37 am
smart meters

Can You Really Benefit from Smart Meter Technology?

Smart meters are electronic devices that help customers monitor their electricity use. Municipalities across South Africa have been replacing inefficient analogue meters that need to be manually read monthly with new and digital smart meters, automatically capturing info about the users’ electricity consumption.

This helps the user in not being billed by estimated readings any longer. Instead, with the use of smart meters, users are billed for what they’ve actually consumed during the billing period. These are only a few of the many benefits you can look forward to […]

Choose Cutting Edge Conlog Prepaid Meters for Your Properties

1:01 pm
Conlog prepaid meters

We are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of state of the art prepayment solutions. Our Conlog prepaid meters are the most advanced and comprehensive in the industry, a fact we’re very proud of. Clients are able to choose from single phase devices for the residential sector, to the three phase devices used for light industrial applications.

What’s more, we also offer various metering footprints, leading to cost efficient solutions for the deployment of prepayment into both new and retrofit environments. All of our meters are manufactured to the very highest quality standards, and are also STS approved. However […]

Why It Pays To Invest in Prepaid Electricity Meters

12:53 pm
repaid electricity meters

In South Africa in particular, there has been a significant shift regarding consumers’ perception of prepaid electricity, and in particular, regarding prepaid electricity meters. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that buying prepaid electricity is easy as can be. One can now buy electricity tokens from your phone, from online banking, at petrol garages, supermarkets and even at the post office these days.

This means that consumers can update their prepaid electricity meters with new tokens as and when they need it, without having to worry about planning ahead of time. Of course, another reason behind its […]

Why Investing in Prepaid Electricity Meters Is the Big Thing for 2017

2:28 pm
prepaid electricity meters

Prepaid Electricity Meters Are the Big Thing in 2017

There has been a noticeable shift regarding consumer spending habits and consumption with regards to electricity in South Africa, over the past decade. More and more homeowners and property developers are investing in prepaid electricity meters for their properties, and with good reason. There are many reasons for this shift, and we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why prepaid electricity meters have become the big thing for 2017.

To start off with, buying tokens is as easy for the tenant or homeowner as can be […]

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