How Conlog Prepaid Meters Can Make Your Life Easier

4:58 am
Conlog prepaid meters

Prepaid electricity meters are a type of energy meter requiring users to pay for electricity before consuming it. This is done through a token or smartcard that can be “topped up” via various payment channels. Conlog prepaid meters are designed to provide our clients with the convenience and confidence they need to make the most of their prepaid meter experience.

There are many reasons why prepaid meters, and Conlog prepaid meters in particular, are gaining ground not only in South Africa, but throughout the world. For one, the proliferation of payment channels makes it easier than […]

5 Details Big Data Analytics Can Reveal About You and Your Family

4:53 am
big data analytics

Big retail chains are doing it. Government is doing it. Scientists are making it easier than ever for big data analytics to gain details about us. It is easier today to generate an ever lengthening list of details that are being collected, analysed and used on a large scale to better understand human characteristics and behaviour.

Every time we access our phones, use a computer or open an app, we leave a digital trail. Most people are vaguely aware that Google keeps track of what they’ve searched for, and that Facebook knows who their friends are. But […]

How Prepaid Electricity Meters Can Make South Africans’ Lives Easier

5:55 am
prepaid electricity meters

State of the art prepaid electricity meters have the ability to benefit both tenants and a landlord of a property, as well as the property management firm that manages the property in the landlord’s stead. There is an increasing national drive to fit more and more South African properties with prepaid electricity, and to educate South Africans from all walks of life with the great advantages that these meters offer.


What are some of the many incredible benefits that prepaid electricity meters offer? To start with, it ensures that tenants are paying for thee […]

Saving Electricity with Smart Meters

5:55 am

Cutting edge smart meters are a new generation of connected electricity meters linking homes to municipalities throughout South Africa. This helps to measure and monitor power usage. Some smart meters are directly connected to the municipality, while others require a third-party device to enable the municipality to access the user’s consumption data.


Smart meters can also support various aspects of electricity distribution management, billing and consumption monitoring. These meters are seen as a way to enhance the services and financial viability of municipalities throughout South Africa. However, it’s necessary to understand the […]