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Blog | Smart Metering Solutions South Africa | Conlog

What is the difference between a three-phase meter and a single-phase meter?

8:40 am

Meter systems have two variations; three-phase and single-phase. The choice of phase is dependent on the energy required to power the area. The differences between the three-phase meters and single-phase meter are:

Single-phase meters
Single-phase meters also referred to as split-phase meters, are used in areas that require a minimal amount of power. This metering system is for running small loads as it is connected only at 230 or 240 volts. These meter systems are given their name as they work on a simple network with two wires; one live wire (conductor) and […]

Does switching off your geyser save you money?

8:39 am

Many people have been told that turning your geyser off when it is not in use will help save electricity but is this true? The short answer: no. Though turning your geyser off when it is not in use won’t save you power, there are certain ways that you can use your geyser to save you electricity.

Should I switch it off?

The choice is yours, but it won’t make a difference whether you leave it on all the time, or you continuously switch it on and off. Your geyser heats up to a certain temperature, by use […]

It’s official. The Keys to the New Conlog Headquarters have been handed over. We are relocating!

1:55 pm

Conlog Pty Ltd has been operating out of the office in Overport Durban, South Africa for over 30 years. We are proud of the products and services we’ve produced out of these offices over the three decades. Our business growth year on year has demanded new premises that can sustain our growth and fulfil global demand.

From November 2019, Conlog will be operating out of the new offices in Dube Trade Port. Our new state of the art facility located next to King Shaka Airport is strategically located for the service and distribution to our global footprint. Ensuring we […]

Prepaid meter vs Post-Paid Meter – The difference between a prepaid and post-paid meter

12:48 pm

Did you know that Conlog offers meters that have both a prepaid and post-paid meter mode? Both meter modes will show you your energy usage on digital screens, but they do have some differences. If you aren’t sure which meter mode you should set your meter to, read about the differences between prepaid and post-paid meters below:

Prepaid meters
As the name implies, prepaid meters require users to pay for their electricity beforehand. The users can choose the amount that they need according to their usage, and the digital screen also allows them to monitor their usage […]

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