5 Details Big Data Analytics Can Reveal About You and Your Family

5 Details Big Data Analytics Can Reveal About You and Your Family

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Big retail chains are doing it. Government is doing it. Scientists are making it easier than ever for big data analytics to gain details about us. It is easier today to generate an ever lengthening list of details that are being collected, analysed and used on a large scale to better understand human characteristics and behaviour.

Every time we access our phones, use a computer or open an app, we leave a digital trail. Most people are vaguely aware that Google keeps track of what they’ve searched for, and that Facebook knows who their friends are. But big data analytics are about a lot more than that.


Here are five details that big data analytics know about you, that you may not have known they know:

  1. Google knows your precise age and gender, even if you never told them. This allows them to build a pretty remarkable ads profile tailored just to you.
  2. The police know where you’re driving right now – at least in the United Kingdom, where CCTV systems are ubiquitous. Police access data from thousands of networked cameras across the country, scanning license plates of each car.
  3. Your phone knows how fast you were going when you were travelling.
  4. Your credit card bank knows what you buy.
  5. Your grocery store knows what brands you like. Think about it, why do large retail chains offer you rewards cards that you swipe every time you buy from them?


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