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4 Easy Way to Save Prepaid Electricity and Money


Having a prepaid meter doesn’t change the fact that certain household items use a lot of electricity. If you don’t watch your electricity usage, you might end up always having to top up your prepaid meter and spending a lot more money. If you want to keep to your monthly limit, read the following tips on how to save on prepaid electricity:

1.Use cold instead of hot water for laundry
Coldwater washes use much less electrical power than warm water washes. As it turns out, cold water is also much healthier for the longevity of your clothing. So, by using cold water washes, you will be saving electricity, as well as making your clothing last longer.

2.Run full loads
Don’t switch your dishwasher or washing machine on if it is only half full. This is a massive waste of electricity. Instead, wait until the dishwasher or washing machine is full and then turn it on. This way, you’ll be saving on water and minimising the use of your prepaid electricity.

3.Adjust your geyser temperature
Most geysers are set to a temperature of 70°. This can be turned down by about 10° to save on electricity. This saves power because the geyser will not have to work as hard to get to the right temperature.

4.Switch off your appliances at the wall
This is an electricity-saving tip that most people forget to do. Don’t just unplug your phone and leave the charger in with the wall plug on! This still uses electricity. Save on your prepaid electricity and turn your appliances off at the wall.

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